Fedora Core 6 on PS3 with Cell SDK 2.1

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This is a new attempt to document my setup of Fedora Core 6 with Cell SDK 2.1. If you try to follow this guide and you find a problem. Please let me know. I know, there are other guides out there, but I really want to use the latest addon from geoff. This guide assumes you'ge already performed a minimal fedora 6 install according to 'How To Enable Your Distro' from the addon disc docs. Now, the first thing I do after logging in as root is insert the fedora 6 dvd and issue the following commands:
mount /mnt/cdrom
cd /mnt/cdrom/Fedora/RPMS
rpm -Uvh dhclient*
cd /
At this point we should have internet access (wired) so let's install and start open-ssh server:
yum install openssh-server
service sshd start
From this point I continue work from a windows pc with cygwin and the following command:
ssh root@ <- replace with the IP you got from dhclient command earlier
At this point I want to get the CellSDK21.iso to the ps3 box. This is a download that requires registration on the IBM site so I haven't found a smooth way to download this from the linux terminal. Instead I download it from my windows box and put it on my WD Passport 120 usb drive and then connect that to my ps3 like so:
mkdir -p /mnt/wd120
mount -t vfat /dev/sdf1 /mnt/wd120
cp /mnt/wd120/ps3linux/ibm/sdk/CellSDK21.iso /home/root
In order to get to the cellsdk installscript we need to mount the sdk iso:
mkdir -p /mnt/cellsdk
mount -o loop CellSDK21.iso /mnt/cellsdk
At this point you check what dependencies are left to install from the sdk's point of view:
cd /mnt/cellsdk/software
./cellsdk depend
This will give you a list of all missing packages and since IBM knows you and I are lazy it even suggests the command to install them all:
yum install freeglut freeglut-devel libXmu-devel lib Xext-devel gcc make rsync 
flex byacc netpbm netpbm-devel mesa-libGLU-devel libX 11-devel 
numactl numactl-devel tk-8.4.*
When I run the depend command at this point the script find all it's dependencies and instead it is missing some SDK files and suggest to download them to /tmp/cellsdk-2.1 and again as we are very lazy this question has no other answer than yes:
Would you like to attempt automatically downloading these files to /tmp/cellsdk-
2.1? (y/n):y
When all downloads are complete, I get a message saying that all dependencies are in order. So I issue the install command:
./cellsdk install --nosim
After everything is installed I'm greeted by this message:
 Cell SDK Install complete.

 Please read the README.txt file in the root directory of the ISO image.
before building the samples you need to do a few more things. First I've had problems with the version of glibc that comes with vanilla Fedora Core 6. So start by issuing the following to upgrade glibc: At this point when trying to install
yum -y update glibc
yum -y install glibc-devel
If you try to build the samples at this point, it is likely that your're missing one more thing.
yum -y install ed
You should now be ready to build the samples by executing './cellsdk build [--gcc|--xlc]'. If you get an error about GL issue the following command and try again.
yum -y install mesa-libGL-devel
Now you can also try to build the vsync-sample that comes with the addon disc:
cd /usr/share/doc/vsync-sample-1.0.2
Don't run this last sample though if you aren't physically connected to the screen.

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