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Hello World from my new iMac 24″

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This is my first post from my new iMac 24". I'm totally in love with this wonderful machine. Below is a snapshot of the desktop. Hello Mac World!

Resumable VNC sessions in Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

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Ok, I've written about how I managed to get resumable vnc sessions working in feisty before, now I've upgraded to Gutsy Gibbon and ofcourse it stopped working. Apparently the fonts have moved on disc, so I needed to change my Xvnc.conf file to reflect this. The font parameter should look like this: /usr/share/fonts/X11/misc source:

Truecrypt on Ubuntu 7.10

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Found these clear instructions on how to get truecrypt running in Ubuntu 7.10. Worked like a charm!

Basic screen commands

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To connect to a detached session (rtorrent for example):
screen -dr rtorrent
To detach from the actual session (rtorrent for example):
ctrl-a ctrl-d

Always suspect a recent security update before anything else.

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For some time I've had the problem I sometimes can't open .chm's. I just get a missing page message no matter what book I click in the table of contents. I've been puzzled about it, but I haven't really thought about what could be the problem. Today, when I realized none of chm's seemed to work, I decided to ask google about it. At this point I wasn't even surprised when it turned out that some of the recent security updates from Microsoft had removed the ability to browse these from a networked resource. Duh! In order to solve the problem just add this to your registry:
Lesson learned: Always suspect a recent security update, before anything else.

Resumable VNC sessions in Ubuntu feisty

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Had some problems getting this guide to work, I just got a simple grey X screen, but from this excellent guide I found the new parameters '-extension XFIXES' to add to Xvnc configuration and that solved it for me!

Japanese Xbox 360 gamertag

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Today I created myself a japanese gamertag using this guide. No fun at all though. The only thing I could find being any different was that there was a few japanese trailers available. But I found no XBLA games I haven't seen before which was the original reason I went out and tried this.

HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray casing comparison

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It might not be possible to play HD-DVD and Blu-Ray on the same hardware for some time but it will be possible to store them nicely together as they only have cosmetic differences. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD next to each other

My first attempt at YDL 5.0 linux on PS3

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On friday night I made my first attempt at installing linux on my new PS3. I followed the easy YDL instructions and had no problems at all with the actual install. First screen when booting otheros First screen when booting otheros But I couldn't get internet working. I could get a valid IP from my router, but DNS didn't work. First I thought my router (di-624) had a problem with IPV6 as I found a few links pointing in that direction. But that wasn't the problem. It turned out I had what I thought was a switch in my network that was actually a router (di-604) too. This bastard had the same IP as my real router ( so they were colliding. Found out that router was also completely broken in the process. However, my first impressions of YDL 5.0 wasn't very good. It was very easy, but apparently they have some private rpm repository for paying customers, and they use enlightment as window manager that I don't like. So for the next time I'm going for a Fedora Core 6 install. Stay tuned.

Home made Arcade Controller for Xbox 360

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I finally found some time to build my self an Arcade Controller for the 360. Found a nice guide with google, but I decided to use an old X-Arcade solo that I had laying around. I choose that in favor of a dreamcast arcade controller I had because this one has more opportunities if I decide I want to change the joystick to one with an easy 4/8-way switch. I'm very pleased with the result. Xbox 360 Arcade Controller The only problem I experienced during the conversion was that I first tried to solder the 360 wires while keeping the old wires used for the PC functionality in order to be able to still use it for PC, PS2 or anything else that X-gaming has a converter for, but that didn't work since the 360 wants separate GND for each button. When I ripped out the old wires everything just started working. Inside the X-Arcade solo with 360 PCB

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